From business cards to posters, Logo creation and branding, black & white to 4 color, halftones to film, 85 to 133 line screen, and individual ads to agency services, 88 Dragon is dedicated to creating ads with impact! We have been in business since 1994 and to date have designed well over 5000 ads for an extraordinary collection of clients! Our entire studio is operated on Macintosh computers using Adobe and Apple software. Please visit our Ad Design Gallery page for samples of our extensive portfolio.


Our studio is always busy creating new clip art designs, both for clients and for our own use. We've created clip art encompasing a wide range of subjects: logistics, industrial, K-9, equine, company branding, etc. If you have a need for a unique clip art design, please give us a call or send us an email and describe what you're looking for. I'm certain we'll be able to fill your need.


88 Dragon is also available to custom artwork (computer generated & fine art) for customers and the consumer industry (book and magazine covers, DVD & CD covers, magazine layouts, etc). See our Graphics Gallery page for more information.


After years of designing business cards and crests for our clients, we recently began designing Challenge Coins, Identity Patches and Badge Designs for logistics business and law enforcement. If your organization is looking for something new / cutting edge for inclusion on your uniforms, please contact us with your ideas.


Logo creation is one of our biggest and most exciting divisions within the 88 Dragon Design Studio. Your corporate identity is often the very first detail and potential customer will see of your company. We want that first impression to project professionalism and strength. If a picture speaks a thousand words... your business logo should be capable of the same impact! We have designed dozens of logos for customers from an incredibly wide range of business interests. We invite you to contact us with your logo needs. Allow us to help create your graphic identity!


88 Dragon works hard at creating effective and successful web pages and web site banners / graphics for a variety of business types. We feel that the best way to promote our web services is through our client's sites. Where we stand out from the other web site design companies is in our service... your business is important to us. We want you to succeed. If you succeed, we succeed! 88 Dragon is proud to say that we are always available to our clients! See our Web Site Gallery page for more information.


88 Dragon is fully capable of producing, editing and printing magazines, directories, handbooks, and programs. Below is a partial list of the projects we have worked on:

North American Andalusian Directory (1 year), Andalusian Magazine (1996, 2005), IALHA Handbook (8 years), The Classical Horse (6 years), Classical Horse Weekly Planner (2 years), PA State Grange Session Program (4 year). Please review our Publishing Gallery for more information.