• I LOVE what I do! In both marketing (graphic design) and photography, this is a key element to the client loving the work that I've done for them. Without this passion... one may as well just throw paint at a board and hope something sticks.
  • I am never satisfied with "acceptable". I am constantly pushing myself to learn more, master existing skills, explore new techniques, pushing the envelope of "traditional" in order to achieve that "WOW" factor and bring each client immense joy in the work I'm doing for them.

  • PHOTOGRAPHY: Law Enforcement special interest, Firearms Events, Weddings, Portraits (non-studio), Bodyscapes, Nature, Events, Legal Documentation, Equine, Canine, Industrial, Stock Photography.
  • GRAPHIC DESIGN: Logo Creation, Challenge Coin & Department Patch Design, Marketing Materials (Brochures, Business Cards, Posters, Stationary, etc), Graphic Art, DVD Jackets & Labels, etc.
  • PUBLISHING: Ad Placement, Magazine Layout & Production, Directory Design & Production, Pre/Post-Press Production, Proofing, Editing, Calendar Design, etc.
  • WEB SITE: Site Design & Layout, Site Maintenance, Banner Creation, etc.

• 22+ years of Canon photography work

• 18+ years Adobe (Master Suite: Photoshop, Dreamweaver, etc) software experience

• Windows proficient

• 18+ years MAC OS experience

• Internet proficient in: Safari, Foxfire, Netscape, IE

• 18+ years Adobe software experience


• 6+ years Art Director for the International Andalusian & Lusitano Horse Association. Responsible for the sale of advertising in the quarterly ANDALUSIAN magazine, layout and ad design of the magazine, pre and post-press production of magazine, as well as advertising sales, layout and pre/post-press production of the associations yearly membership handbook.

• 3+ years Marketing Director / Photographer for Tripwire Operations Group. Responsible for graphic design of direct mailers, magazine advertising, initial web site design and maintenance, and photography of all field class activities.

• 3+ years Publisher for Pennsylvania Grange News, a bi-monthly magazine distributed by the Pennsylvania State Grange. Responsible for graphic design of ads and media kit, magazine layout and production, and pre-press and editorial layout and proofing.

• 4+ years graphic work for Beech Ridge Outfitters. Responsible for web site design and maintenance, advertising design and brochure design.

• 2+ years Advertising Director for Horseman's News (a monthly Southern California newspaper representing the California horse industry). Responsible for ad sales, layout and pre/post press production.


• Over 10 years experience as a private-contract equine photographer, specializing in farm/ranch promotional shoots.

• 3 years photographing explosive detonation field shoots, documenting class activities for legal representation.

• Over 10 years photographing law enforcement personnel, both firearms and explosive range events, and working K9.

• Over 18 years experience mastering photo manipulation in the production of "photo art"

• Currently contracting out for law enforcement, firearms events, wedding, family reunion, equine, canine, portrait, sporting event and legal documentation photography.

• Natural Gas industrial shoots available.

• Stock photography available upon request.


• 18+ years of client logo creation/design experience.

• 18+ years designing print advertising for private and contract clients from a variety of industries: equine, canine, security, apparel, outdoors, service, organizations, etc.

• Numerous publishing projects: monthly magazines, yearly directories, calendars, planners, 2-fold brochures, business cards, posters, post cards, stationary, book jackets, DVD jackets and labels, magazine covers, etc.

• Custom "graphic" artwork available

• Marketing plans, logo creation/branding and advertisement placement services available for contract clients.