The IALHA (International Andalusian & Lusitano Horse Association) 2022 Handbook is a 100+ page membership directory featuring not only a listing of all IALHA members, but also year-end National Show results, year-end USAWE show results, the 2022 Calendar of IALHA Events, Patrons pages, USDF year-end results, a ranch/farm brand direcory, BOD Listing, and advertising from both IALHA members and non-members. 88 Dragon Design Studio (Heather Hiller) has been contracted to both sell advertising, and design and publish this 2022 directory for the IALHA. Please click the "Open PDF" button for additional information.

2022 IALHA HANDBOOK - Who Should Advertise?

We will be printing between 1500-1800 copies of the 2022 IALHA HANDBOOK! Traditionally, the HANDBOOK is something most members keep with them all the time... it ends up becoming a resource both members and non-members reference for years. Statistics state that for every publication printed, three people will read each copy. Thats a potential distribution of 5400 readers!
So who should advertise? Anyone wanting to promote their IALHA registered stallion, farm, and sale horses, tack and equipment retailers, horse transportation companies, equine artists and photographers, event organizers, training facilities and traveling trainers, equine nutritional supplement manufacturers... the list is never ending as to whom should advertise in the 2022 IALHA HANDBOOK! The Internet is a giant entity... and often it’s very difficult to find what you’re searching for. The IALHA HANDBOOK is the perfect springboard to direct potential clients to your website and/or Facebook page. The most successful breeding and training facilities know that their message often becomes lost within the vast expanse of social media. Print ads are the modern day maps to your internet presence.

The actual Handbook will not be published on this page until the end of the 2021 calendar year, however media information can be found, now, on the link to the right.